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San Rafael Sanitation District

Client Details

Construction Value$3M - $8.5M
Services Provided Project Management & Inspection Services
Service Dates2016 - current
Client ReferenceDoris Toy, PE; District Manager/Engineer
Project TypesUtilities On Call

Various On-call Project Management & Inspection Services

Park Engineering has been working with the City of San Rafael Sanitation District on an on-call and project specific basis, providing inspection services, quality assurance of contractor’s work, preparation of daily diaries, assisting with monthly  pay estimates, photo documentation, oversight of traffic control & pedestrian accessibility through the work zone, SWPPP and regulatory permit compliance for sanitary sewer and related projects. Projects include:

Francisco Blvd East Main Replacement Project
This $600,00 project replaced about 800 feet of existing sewer main along Francisco Blvd East, included reconnection of sewer lateral connection to multiple business.  Project work was coordinated simultaneously with a City sidewalk improvement project.

South Francisco Blvd Pump Station Rehab Project
This $2M pump station replacement project removed and replaced the entire pump station except for the main wells.  Work involved a temporary bypass & pumping system to allow the rebuild the station and was directly adjacent to an existing tidal influenced creek.

Bret Harte Heights Sewer Repair Project
The project was located in an existing sewer easement and consisted of replacing 2 sections of underground 6-inc cast iron sewer, the A line and B line, that had settled due to past land movement. The damaged pipe was replaced with approximately 168 lineal feet of aboveground 6” HDPE sewer pipe attached to fabricated pipe supports. Additional items of work include the removal and disposal of an abandoned manhole, and the removal and disposal of abandoned exposed pipe in the repair areas. The repair sites did not have any vehicle access, so the contract work had to be completed with hand tools.

Glenwood Pump Station Improvement Project was an upgrade of an existing station well and pump system. This project also has some vocal adjacent neighbors. Positive interaction with the residents and close interaction with the construction contractors kept the ongoing project on track for a successful completion.

Sun Valley Sewer Replacement, Phase II
The Phase 2 of the project replaced the sewer pipeline serving Solano Street, the sewer line on Alpine Street, the sewer line on Windsor Avenue, and the sewer line on California Avenue between Humboldt Street and Windsor Avenue, and the sewer line on Center Street in the Sun Valley neighborhood. This project consisted of installing a new sewer mainline in the street, abandoning the existing sewer mainline along the front yards on one side of the street and reconnecting each building lateral to the new sewer main. The new sanitary sewer lateral work occurred within the private property limits of a number of residents.

Lincoln Avenue Sewer Improvement Project
The San Rafael Sanitation District replaced the sewer pipeline along Lincoln Avenue, between 2nd and Ritter Street to Mission Avenue. The work involved excavating along Lincoln Avenue and replacing the sewer main and the lower portion of the sewer laterals between the sidewalk and the sewer main. In addition, the road was repaved after the sewer installation. The work was completed mostly at night with some day time work.