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Construction ValueVarious
Services ProvidedProject Management & Construction Inspection Services
Service Dates2017 - ongoing
Client ReferenceErik Nugteren
Project TypesUtilities On Call

On-Call Project Management & Construction Inspection Services

On-call Construction / Developer Inspection Services
Park Engineering provides inspection services for new facility construction by various Developers to ensure proper location and installation of water mains and appurtenances, enforce San Jose Water standards and specifications as outlined in project packages, and documented & marked drawings to provide owner (SJW) with preliminary As-built drawings. Other duties included interfacing with Developer’s contractor in regards to safety, job site management, production and housekeeping, as well as providing daily progress reports & photo documentation.

Projects Include:

  • Berryessa Rd. Apex: 6 & 8-inch Main installation, 160 service connections, 28 Fire Service Connections. Project Value $4M
  • Reinoso Court: 4-inch Main Installation, Hydrant Installation, 5 Service Connections, 120 LF. Project Value $180.000
  • Gimelli Way: 8-inch Main Installation, 8 Hydrants, 14 Fire Services, 26 Service Connections, 2,200 LF Project Value $1,6M
  • Communication Hill: 4, 6, and 8-inch Main Installation, 33 Fire Hydrants, 24 Fire Service Connections, 360 Service Connections, 11,000 LF. Project Value $5.6M
  • Sunol & San Carlos Ohlone Project: 10 & 12-inch Main Installation, 6 Fire Hydrants, 3 Fire Service Connections, 3-6-inch Master Service Connections. Project Value $1.5M

On-call Project Management for Developer Construction Projects
Park Engineering provides oversight on capital improvement projects, such as water main replacements, storage facilities (tanks & reservoirs). Projects are assigned through the Construction Superintendent and are managed by Park Engineering from the Engineers release. Duties for the consultant include, organizing and conducting an onsite meeting with the permitting jurisdiction and contractor to community outreach of the involved neighborhoods. Coordination of dichlorination and proper discharge of flush water prior to water sampling, coordinate customer notifications of impending service interruptions, schedule and coordinate valve closures for tie ins. Follow up with final paving, concrete or landscape restorations, review billing and change orders and recommend payment or clarifications to owner. Tract project closing and walk-through with permitting agency.

Projects Include:

  • Recycled Water, Alignment D: 26,000 LF of 6, 8, 12 & 24-inch main installation; $13M
  • More / Bel Gatos: Flow meter & MCC; $160.000
  • W. St. James Street: Hydrant & Fire Service installation; $200,000
  • Inman Way: 6-inch Main replacement, 1620 LF; $480,000
  • Entrada Cedros: 12-inc main offset, services and Fire Hydrant; $225,000
  • Arroyo De Arguello: 8-inch main replacement, 5020 LF; $3.6M
  • Obrad Ave: 6-inch Main replacement, 1550 LF; $520,000
  • Blewett Ave: 8-invh Main replacement, 1355 LF; $480,000
  • N. San Pedro: 6-inch Fire Service & Hydrant; $236,000
  • Alamden Road: 6-inch Fire Service; $120,000
  • Clifton Ave: Fire Service; $110,000
  • Blossom Hill Road: Fire Service, Hydrant, Services; $175,000
  • Ranchero Way: Fire Service & services; $90,000