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Construction ValueVarious
Services ProvidedConstruction Management & Inspection Services
Service Dates2013 - 2016, 2023
Client ReferenceMario Moreno, PE; former City Engineer &
Ann James, Public Works Manager
Project TypesRoadways Bridges Utilities On Call

Multiple Project Specific Construction Management & Inspection Services

Park Engineering, Inc. provided construction management services to the City for multiple multi-phase projects. All projects were federally-funded and CCTA funded with a combined construction value of $13M.

2022 Street Resurfacing Project called for the resurfacing of two residential neighborhoods.
The project was divided into two work phases. Phase I, consisted of preparing the streets by repairing potholes, sealing cracks, installing ADA curb ramps, monument preservation, utility adjustments, and limited concrete curb and gutter repair. Once completed, the contractor proceeded with Phase II, providing a final pavement resurface treatment on all the project streets.  Restriping of streets, including bicycle and pedestrian facility upgrades per the City’s draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan after the resurfacing work is completed. The project was funded from the SRP, which comprises Measure K funds, SB1 funds and Gas Tax funds – $4.5M.

Contra Costa Blvd Improvement Project was a streetscape and pavement rehabilitation project that constructs traffic safety, roadway and other Complete Street improvements, including intersection and traffic signal upgrades, pavement restoration, bike lanes, enhanced sidewalk and crosswalk, landscaping, and decorative median and pedestrian lighting. The project provided beautification of this heavily travelled arterial that is the main access to Sun Valley Mall and Diablo Valley College. The project was funded through Federal HSIP/STPfunding and CCTA Measure J funding – $4.5M.

Golf Club Road BridgeReplacement Project involved the replacement of a multi-span concrete bridge on wood supports, with a new concrete slab bridge on concrete pile extensions. The project also included street improvements with full depth structural section replacement with new base and AC paving. Additional work included decorative street lighting, enhanced architectural features including decorative Texas barrier, color concrete for bridge, curb & gutter, sidewalk and median island. New landscaping and enhanced crosswalk striping. Federal HBRR/HBPfunding and CCTA Measure J funding – $4.0M.

Park Engineering, Inc. provided the City of Pleasant Hill, construction management services, which includes resident engineering, construction inspection, with ISI performing materials testing and source inspection. Construction administration includes reporting, documentation and invoicing for federal and CCTA funding. Also representing the City during FHWA and Caltrans audits.