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Client City of Dublin
Construction ValueVarious
Services ProvidedConstruction Management & Inspection Services
Service Date2022 - ongoing
Key PersonnelLaurie Sucgang, PE; Assistant Public Works Director/City Engineer
Will Wahbeh, PE; Associate Civil Engineer

Various On-Call Construction Management and Inspection Services

Park Engineering, Inc. provided construction management and inspection services for various improvement projects that include:

Dublin Citywide Energy Upgrades Project
This $25M design/build project involves the design/builder to perform an Investment Grade Audit and develop and implement approved energy projects throughout the City.  The individual projects to improve energy efficiency in the City include:

Solar canopies and battery backup systems:  

  • The Wave (City waterpark)
  • City Civic Center Parking Lot
  • Fallon Sports Park
  • Public Safety Complex

HVAC upgrades:

  • City Senior Center
  • Heritage Park
  • City Library
  • City Corp Yard
  • Shannon Community Center

Generator upgrades:

  • Fire Station 16
  • Fire Station 17
  • Fire Station 18
  • City Library

Lighting Upgrades:

  • Citywide Street Lights
  • Dublin Sports Grounds
  • Emerald Glen Park
  • Fallon Sports Park

Traffic Signal Power Backup with Hydrogen Fuel Cell:

  • Dublin Blvd. at San Ramon Rd.
  • Dublin Blvd. at Village
  • Hacienda Dr. at Hacienda Crossing
  • Fallon Rd. at Fallon Gateway
  • Dublin Blvd. at Tassajara Rd.
  • Gleason Dr. at Tassajara Rd.
  • Dublin Blvd. at Arnold Rd.
  • Dublin Blvd. at Hacienda Dr.
  • Dublin Blvd. at Fallon Rf.
  • Dublin Blvd. at Daugherty Rd.
  • Tassajara Rd. at Fallon Rd.

Dublin Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation Project (Federally Funded)

This $3.5M federally funded project included improvements along approximately 1 mile of Dublin Boulevard between Scarlett Drive and Hacienda Drive. Work included pavement rehabilitation including curb ramp replacements, cold planning and overlay, dig-out repair, pavement markings, adjusting utilities to grade, and modifications to traffic signals at 5 intersections, including adding traffic cameras. As one of the City’s main commute corridors, Dublin Blvd. is three lanes in each direction with left and right turn lanes and bike lanes and is heavily congested. Ensuring the contractor followed approved traffic control plans was extremely important. Within the project limits, Dublin Blvd. is surrounded by residential and shopping / business centers and is located in a highly visible area requiring additional public outreach. The project was federally funded and required administration in accordance with Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual for reimbursement of funds.