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Client Details

Construction Value$80,000 to $4M
Services Provided Construction Management & Inspection Services
Service Dates2015 - ongoing
Client ReferenceBernard Enrile, CIP Manager
Project TypesOn Call Roadways Buildings Bridges

On-Call and Various Project Specific Projects

Park Engineering is providing construction management and inspection services for City public works projects, including street rehabilitation, bicycle lanes, pedestrian & curb ramp improvements, signal & lighting, landscape & irrigation, bridges and roadway improvements. Park duties include resident engineering, construction management and inspection services, construction administration including reporting, documentation and invoicing for federal and CCTA funding. Projects include:

Willow Pass Road Signal Upgrade Project
This $2.2M locally funded project installed new fiber optic signal interconnect cable through new and existing conduits along Willow Pass Road from Galindo Road to Landana Street.Project work also included signal upgrades at 3 intersections.

Monument Blvd Class 1 Path Project

This $4M federally funded project constructed a new Class 1 pervious concrete path along Monument Blvd. between Walters & Cowell with signal improvements at both intersections.Other work included storm drain, landscaping and striping improvements with 2 retaining walls constructed for the new path.

Clayton Road Traffic Operations Improvements
This $450,000 locally funded project installed new fiber optic signal interconnect cable through new and existing conduits along Clayton Road from Market to Sutter Streets.

Denkinger Road Pavement Rehabilitation Project
This $1.2M locally funded project rehabilitated the existing pavement for approximately 1/2 mile along Denkinger Road by a full depth reclamation (FDR) process. 7 curb ramps were also upgraded, spot repairs were made at various curb location, and final re-striping of the roadway and adjacent intersection with Concord Blvd.

Citywide Accessibility Improvement Projects #4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
These federally funded projects involved the re-construction of pedestrian curb ramps at various intersections throughout the City, with a number of locations included as Alternate Bid Items to allow the City flexibility to add or remove this specific work based on bid results.

Measure Q Paving Rehabilitation, Project #8
This $1.3M project included roadway reconstruction work on 8 local residential roadways, including construction of 14 new curb ramps and replacement of existing valley gutters and curb & gutter. Roadway reconstruction methods were varied degrees of grinding & repaving with some pavement failure dig-outs and use of RHMA as the final wearing course.

West Concord Bikeways
This $80,000 project work involved the installation of new buffered bike lanes on Meridian Parkway Blvd. and Galaxy Way / John Glenn Drive.

Concord Community Pool Plaster Replacement Project
This locally funded $600,000 project removed the existing pool plaster and resurfaced with various spot repair work performed. Work was performed with the pool closed for the winter season.

Central Concord Pedestrian Improvements
Project included roadway resurfacing work of both the mill and fill method for Willow Pass Road and a slurry seal for Broadway, as well as replacement of non-ADA compliant curb ramps for 25 intersections in downtown Concord, installation of a new traffic signal, and streetscape features installed near the Concord BART Station.

Detroit Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project
This federally funded (OBAG) Project constructed roadway and streetscape improvements on Detroit Avenue from Monument Blvd. to Clayton Road. Work on this $4M project involves full street rehabilitation including, grading, AC paving, signals and lighting, new curb, gutter and sidewalks, new curb ramps, drainage improvements, irrigation and lighting, and enhanced striping and pavement markings.

Ellis Lake Restroom Building Project
This locally funded project included the site preparation and utility installation to accept a pre-fabricated 4-unit restroom building. New sidewalk, re-installation of irrigation and grass and a new picket fence were also part of the project.

On-call Project Management Services
Park engineering worked as project manager to oversee the planning, design, and advertisement as an extension of City staff for the following Federally Funded and CCTA Funded City Projects.
• Farm Bureau Road Complete Streets Project, Phase 2 – $4.2M, locally funded
• City Wide Bridge Repair Program, Package 2 – $2.1M, federally funded

City of Concord City-wide Bridge Rehabilitation Program – Package 1 (Federally Funded)
Project includes construction of maintenance repairs for six bridges throughout the City that include: Willow Pass Road Over Mount Diablo Creek, Kirker Pass Road Over Mount Diablo Creek, Diamond Blvd over Walnut Creek – Left, Diamond Blvd over Walnut Creek – Right, Cowell Road Over Galindo Creek, and Walnut Ave Over Contra Costa Canal.

The Franquette Avenue Pedestrian & Bike Trail Connector Project
This project was funded by a Contra Costa Pedestrian, Bicycle and Trail Facilities grant for $470,000. The project constructed pedestrian and bicycle trail improvements along Meadow Lane and Market Street to the tunnel under Hwy 242, connecting to Franquette Avenue. This project extended the existing trail to continue along Franquette Avenue towards Willow Pass Road with the installation of bike route signage and markings. The project also included upgrading the lighting fixtures inside the tunnel.