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Client Details

Construction ValueVarious
Services ProvidedConstruction Management & Inspection Services
Service Dates2016-2018
Client ReferenceShirley Ng, Project Manager
Emelia Sanchez, Senior Engineer
Project TypesOn Call Roadways Buildings

Park Engineering, as a subconsultant to Prescience, provided construction management support and inspection services for BART projects.

Projects include:

BART Concord Station Plaza Improvements Project
Provided the field engineer for this $3.5 million modification and reconstruction of the east and west parking areas and plaza at the Concord BART station. The project work included new raised crosswalks, new benches, trash receptacles, lighted bollards, non-lighted bollards, decomposed granite, custom site signage, pavers, new concrete walkways, retaining walls, decorative crosswalks and custom banners. Demolition of wind screen and canopy, and one bus shelter, wayside upgrades, modifying and providing new lighting at plaza, relocating taxi pickup and drop off areas, providing electrical infrastructure for the future bike station, providing new lighting with banners and custom banner arms, new planting and irrigation, relocation of kiss-n-ride drop off area, improvements of bike path striping, and addition of new wayfinding signage including station identity signage above station agent toll booth. Park Engineering provided field engineering and inspection, project documentation and reporting using Wong CMS, coordination for materials testing and public information.

BART Earthquake Safety Program Aerial Structure A-Line | Lake Merritt Coliseum
Office Engineering support to the contract to construct seismic safety and other improvements. Contract includes, but is not limited to, structural retrofit of pier foundations, bent caps and infill-walls; demolition of selected existing facilities; shoring for excavation support; falsework, excavation and backfill; clearing and grubbing; drilling and bonding dowels in concrete; drilling and bonding dowels with chemical adhesive; providing concrete reinforcing, cast-in-place concrete, prestressed concrete; installation of elastomeric bumper assemblies between existing pier caps and existing girders; temporary and permanent street lighting and traffic control signals and red light enforcement cameras, temporary traffic handling; construction of drainage facilities and sanitary sewers; protection of utilities, protection of railroad facilities and existing infrastructure and restoration of paving, sidewalks and surface features, including landscaping.